Emma Ridder (a.k.a NightHawk) is an active member of The Guardians. Also, she is known for being the wife of James Wise.

Bio Edit

Early Life Edit

Emma was born on November 2nd, 1992 as the second child of the marriage between Emily Habich and Mark Ridder. When she was 8 years old (and his brother Tom 10), her parents died in a car accident. She was adopted by one of her father's colleagues: Jacob Smith.

She moved to Princeton with the Smith family and her older brother to start a new life.

When she was 22, her brother died in an accident that involved Owen Redford, and that is way she decided to join the Princeton Police Department as an assistant detective (with Jacob).

The Guardians Edit

Emma started to feel attracted to superhumans after Jacob was saved by Quantum (James Wise) in a case. She started to believe they were aliens, until Quantum told her about the term "superhuman". Emma looked up any information on superhumans and found James research.

After interrogation James about his research, Emma started to become closer to Quantum, but also with James. She started helping out The Guardians.

After the team discovered the identity of the three superhumans from The Wyvern Legion (her brother Tom Ridder, Olivia Weis, Alek Petrovich), and revealed their identities, she decided to join the team full-time, but James stopped her from doing so.

When Emma confronted James about her participation he confessed he didn´t want to lose her. That night Emma went to James house and confessed her feelings to him and afterwards she kissed him, starting a relationship between them.

"Emma: Why don´t you let me enter The Guardians? James: Because I don´t want to lose you..." –– Emma and James