The Protectorate of Princeton is a unincorporated territory of the United States of America. It is conformed by the city of Princeton, located inside of the Mercer County, New Jersey.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Protectorate of Princeton was created during the Battle of Princeton thanks to the Treaty of Princeton, signed by President Jemma Reynolds and James Wise, leader of The Guardians.

The treaty, that was created to make an alliance between the US and the Pro-Superhuman Alliance (based on Princeton), stated that after the war, Princeton would be granted with liberty from to the states, so it could turn itself into a Protectorate, and a heaven for superhumans.

James had had the intention of creating a Pro-Superhuman Collaboration nation for a long time.

1st Government Edit

After the Battle of Princeton ended, James declared Princeton as a Protectorate, and he called to democratic elections.

There were three people nominated for the charge: James Wise, Daniel Bauer, and General Matthew Reynolds. Two months before the elections, James decided to get out of the candidates list, because he didn't had political ambitions.

Daniel Bauer won the elections with around 9,780 votes, while Matthew Reynolds was the second runner up with around 7,350. Bauer's victory over Reynolds meant that the US had even less control over Princeton.

Bauer also established a congress (conformed by 50 members), so Princeton could have its own constitution, taking into account superhumans and humans as equals.