The Juggernaut is a secret government prison located on the Nevada Desert. It was designed by James Wise, Benji Provan, Leonard Provan, Daniel Bauer, and Laurel Wise, after The Guardians defeated The Wyvern Legion. It was specifically created to contain superhumans.

Famous Prisoners Edit

The Juggernaut Prison has contained many prisoners, but the most famous ones are:

  • James Wise: He was the first person to ever escape the prison, after he was imprisoned in purpose, to get his wife (Emma) out.
  • Emma Ridder: She was one of the humans imprisoned on The Juggernaut. Emma was imprisoned for killing Zack Farris when he got out of The Juggernaut. She escaped thanks to her husband, James Wise.
  • Zack Farris: He was the first human to enter The Juggernaut. After he was released from the prison, Farris was shot by Emma Ridder, in retaliation of Zack giving The Guardians identities to BlackStar.
  • Brook Bauer: After the Guardians defeated her, she was taken to The Juggernaut by her half-brother, Daniel Bauer.
  • Jay Pearce: James took Jay Pearce (founder of The Defenders) to The Juggernaut after he joined Order of the Mace. He later escaped after the prison was attacked by The Order of the Mace during the Battle of Princeton, but decided to go back to The Defenders.